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Hello St.Petersburg are you ready for a BetterBody??

Finally Get Relief From Your Shoulder, Back and/or Neck Pain

 If you have tried Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and/ OR Acupuncture and have yet to see results towards a pain free life then This Is For You.

What you're getting

  1. 1-on-1 Consultation : A in depth consultation with A Soft Tissue Specialist to hear and understand what you are experiencing.  

  2.  Posture Assessment: A in depth assessment of your body's alignment to better see where your body is holding it's imbalances.

  3. Functional ROM Screening: A in depth assessment of your joints Range of motion to determine what your joints are capable of and where the limitations maybe.

  4. Specific Muscle Testing: Doing a muscle test well determine where you are lacking a neurological connection to your muscles.

  5. Corrective Pain Relief Treatment:  A Hands on approach to pain relief in which the aim well be to reset the muscles & fascia that maybe contributing to your pain. 

  6. Report of Findings and Suggested Plan of Care: A summary of what was found during the initial visit followed by a suggested plan of care designed specifically to you and your specific needs.

That's a $337 value for only $125

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