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Angela R.

I walked/limped crookedly into Juan's shop with a bad back, and walked out upright and with a spring in my step. After my appointment, I slept great that night for the first time in almost a week. Juan is like a body mechanic. He fixes the problem.

Micheal N

Juan is knowledgeable, focused, personable and obviously dedicated to his craft! Although older (I am 57), I regularly use my body in athletics and construction work and Juan knew just what was needed to release areas of pain and foster healing and balance.

Marina P.

If you are looking to free yourself of muscular pain and/or dysfunction the come see Juan. He takes a comprehensive approach to identifying the source of the issue at hand. This is NOT your typical spa massage. This is a session that gets to the bottom of your musculature troubles and helps to put them to an end for the long term.

Christine S.

Juan was so amazing I have several autoimmune pain disorders and lots of injuries and he was very thorough with my intake. During the session he did acupressure to relieve pain and help with my range of motion. Highly recommend.

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