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Therapeutic Massage in St. Petersburg: Providing Pain Relief

We take chronic pain seriously. Better Body Massage specializes in providing rehabilitative pain relief through therapeutic massage therapy.


All-Encompassing Pain Relief
Chronic pain can significantly hinder your everyday life. With Better Body Massage, you’ll receive targeted pain relief massage therapy that uses a combination of proven techniques, including Fascia therapy, manual therapy, and stretching, to reduce overall discomfort.


Experience Therapeutic Benefits Right Away
Our therapeutic massage services help rehabilitate chronic pain patients and utilize proven methods that immediately relieve hip, back, and sciatic pain. Clients experience the benefits as soon as their session ends, and that relief extends to their everyday lives.


Specially Trained Massage Therapists
Better Body Massage employs specially trained massage therapists who are certified in manual therapy and innovative corrective pain solutions. Our passion for providing long-lasting relief is evident in every case we take on, making us a trusted resource for those suffering from chronic pain.
Pain Relief Shoulder pain Back pain Therapeutic massage Chronic pain
About Better Body Massage

Better Body Massage is a massage studio in St. Petersburg specializing in providing chronic pain relief since 2020. Our holistic solutions encompass innovative therapy techniques that reduce aching and soreness and enhance one’s quality of life. Unlike your standard massage studio, our sessions are solely focused on adjusting and healing your most problematic areas. This means no candles, hot stones, or removing your clothes - just pure pain relief.

Comprehensive Pain Relief Solutions
Holistic Approach to Pain Relief
Empowering You to Live Pain-Free
Solutions To Your Pain

Best Quality Services To
Relieve Pain

Top-notch pain relief services for ultimate comfort.

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief
Alleviate back, hip, and sciatic pain with tailored sessions promoting wellness and mobility. Led by expert Juan Chanelo for a pain-free life.
Fascia Therapy and Myofascial Release
For enhanced mobility & pain relief. Targeted techniques promote flexibility & improved movement. Led by our skilled team prioritizing client comfort.

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client-Pain Relief Shoulder pain Back pain Therapeutic massage Chronic pain

Casey Alvarado

I had an incredible experience at Better Body! After a painful deadlifting session at the gym, I went in with a sore back and left pain-free after just one session. Juan not only alleviated my discomfort but also provided me with at-home exercises and valuable tips to prevent future pain. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone seeking effective pain relief and long-term solutions. Five stars!

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